Ethics & Disclosures

The system of formal communication in science through publication in primary journals is based on originality and quality of information being the only criteria for publication. However, there have been tendencies to misuse the system and vitiate the process of science communication for personal benefits. One of the ills afflicting science communication is plagiarism. Attempts at plagiarism may range from verbatim, copying of extensive material of other authors, misappropriating results/data of others with minor changes in language/presentation without giving credit to original source, to publish essentially the same information more than once.

In case any attempt to plagiarize is brought to our attention accompanied with convincing evidence, following steps would be taken:

  1. After consulting the respective Editorial Board Members, authors guilty of plagiarism will be debarred from publishing their papers in PJHR journal;
  2. Heads of the departments/institutes of the offending authors will be intimated of such incidences of plagiarism.