Comparative Investigation on Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods with Special Reference to Hot Water Flooding and Alcohol Slug Injection

  • SAbd Elsattar Elsaghir
  • Mohammad Moustafa
  • Elsayed Elayouty
  • Abdul Razak Abro


  With the increase in demand Cor energy, maximum recovery of oil from higher gravity oil fields has become a target of vital importance worldwide. However, a large part of the reserves of heavy oil cannot be recovered without improved technology. The new technical developments Cor improving oil recoveries Call under the broad heading of enhanced oil recovery.
In the present study, a comparative investigation on enhanced oil recovery methods has been carried out with special reference to hot water flooding and alcohol slug injection. Experimental work on Egyptian heavy viscous crude oils has shown that 70 to 75 %of oil recovery can be obtained by using hot water flooding and alcohol slug injection methods.