Foraminiferal Zonation of Upper Goru Formation – Bawani Area, Kirthar Range

  • Naseer A. Shafique
  • C.H.v. Daniels


 Fine grained sedimentary strata of Upper Goru Cormation of Middle Cretaceous age in the Bawani area, southern Kirthar range has yielded rich planktonic foraminifera indicating deep marine deposition. Two profiles in the area, sampled at an interval oC 10m, have shown five distinct planktonic Coraminiferal zones. Two zones are of Late Albian while the other three are oC Cenomanian stage. These zones’ are (1) Rotalipora cushmani Borstti(1962), (2) R. reicheli Bolli (1966), (3) R. brotzeni Lehmann(1966), (4) R. appenninica Bronnimann (1952) and (5) R. ticinensis Dalbiez (1955).
The study has shown that the sequence is interestingly a rare case in the Cretaceous , exposed with a seemingly continuous sedimentation .without any recognizable hiatus. The planktonic! benthonic ratio 100:1 indicates an open sea Cully marine environment. The zonal scheme. applied is after Robaszynski and Caron(1979).