Diagenesis and Pore Space Development of Datta Sandstones in Salt Range and Surghar Range

  • Mohammad Mujtaba
  • Muneer Ahmed Memon


 Ten surface samples of sandstones of Datta Formation were collected from five different localities of Salt Range and Surghar Range and were petrographically analysed to examine the diagenetic changes and to evaluate the porosity development. .
On the basis of the percentage of detrltal minerals the sandstones have been classified as quartzarenites. Sedimentary structures of the sandstones indicate a subtidal environment of deposition. Cementation and decementation were found as the main diagenetic modification in the sandstones which have greatly . influenced the porosity. Cementation by carbonates, silica and opaque iron oxides have almost entirely destroyed the primary porosity in some of the samples while dissolution of cementing material have created the secondary intergranular porosity duringlate diagenesis.